Submitting your content to Social Bookmarking Sites puts your blog or website in front of millions of people thereby increasing your visibility ten folds and getting you more branding. Social Bookmarking is an excellent tool for internet marketing. By bookmarking the pages of a website, we can make it available for the people who are looking for information related to that category.

What are the benefits Social Bookmarks?

  1. Indexing Sites Faster
  2. Deeper Indexing
  3. Social bookmark sites pass on link juice, the search engines are looking beyond the incoming links from bookmarking sites to gauge their value to their search indexes
  4. External Meta Data: Users who bookmark sites tag them with keywords and descriptions which add an honest and unbiased definition which is created by the public and not the owner of the site
  5. Co-Citation: Social bookmarking websites tend to categorize sites and pages based upon the tags, therefore search algorithms can classify these sites with their peers.

What exactly are Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites are websites where you can save articles, web pages and videos you like or find interesting so you can refer to it in future.

When saving your article link in social bookmarking websites, you can give a brief description about your content with tags (keywords for better engagement.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List

WEBSITE DA 100 96 95 94 94 93 92 92 92 91 91 91 90 89 89 89 89 89 88 88 88 86 85 84 80 79 78 74 73 66 42 42 42 42 39 39 38 38 38 38 37 37 36 36 34 34 33 33 24 24

Above is the list of high pr social bookmarking websites list for 2019. You can write down the website URLs and bookmark your article one by one in these social bookmarking sites.

However, the downside is Google finds less than 5% of all the links you buy or build yourself. If Google doesn’t find them, your rankings won’t go up.

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