Catchy Blog Titles – Having a catchy title is the key to grabbing people’s attention. It’s your secret to increased traffic and wider audience. It is useful for improving your email open rate, increasing conversion on your blog, and for any other form of content marketing that includes its own header or title.

For example, you are writing a blog post about starting a website, instead of using “Creating A Website” as the title, you should write “How To Start A Website in 3 Easy Steps” or “How To Start A Website in Less Than 20 Minutes”instead

Catchy blog titles gives the reader impression as to what to expect from your content. You actually don’t need to be a pro in order to create great blog titles for websites, landing pages, blog posts, and emails.

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Here are some collection of some catchy blog post titles as shared by Pauline Cabrera of twelveskip.

74 Catchy Blog Titles That'll Get You More Traffic

#TIP 1. Always use a headline analyzer like CoSchedule. Once you are done writing the post, copy and paste your headline into the free tool. Once you type in your catchy blog titles, the tool assigns it a “Headline Score”. It also gives your headline a grade based on the overall structure, grammar and readability.

#TIP 2. Keep your title short. Google recommends a maximum of 70 characters

#TIP 3. If you don’t pay close attention to keyword density, ensure to include a focus keyword in your blog title.

#TIP 4. Include numbers and data in your title if possible. Doing so makes it more enticing for the reader. e.g. “How to increase your traffic by 50% in 10 days”.