It is very easy to start a news blog, but at same time difficult to be successful and make money from it.

Opening and running your own news website is the most easiest thing you can do on your own.

In this article, I will show you how to start a news blog and also share some tips on how to make money from your news blog.

There are basically two ways you can build your own news website:

  • Hire a website designer – quite usually expensive
  • Do it yourself with the use CMS like WordPress platform.

I will focus more on the second option because I’m pretty sure you would want to save cost.

What do you need?

To get started, you’ll only need three things:

  1. Domain name and Web hosting. e.g.
  2. A professionally looking WordPress theme or template created specifically for a news website.
  3. Writers ( Just you and as the site grows, you can hire other writers to complement your efforts).

STEP #1   Domain name and Web Hosting

Your domain name should be unique; It is the trademark identity of your news website and should reflect your personality and style, and also give people an idea what they are about to read on the page. 

For example, CNN is the name of the popular news blog,; so, the domain name is ‘’

You can chose a domain name using your countries domain name extension e.g. ,, e.t.c.

Search first for the name and if it has not been used, I would suggest you register it immediately.

To learn how to register domain name and hosting, I recommend you read this article I published on How To Start A Profitable Blog In 2019. The article will walk you through the signup process with Hostgator.

STEP #2   Getting a Professional WordPress Theme

Once you are done with Step 1, you would have a login URL address that looks like the example below:

  • or

Now type the above into your browser and you will be presented with the below screen.

Type in your username and password and on successful login, you will now be presented with the main dashboard screen of your news blog as shown below.

wordpress dashboard

This is exactly where you can upload videos, images, publish breaking news stories e.t.c.

With your blog up and running, our focus now should be on designing the site to look like a proper online news blog or website by finding a great theme.

There are both free and premium themes available for WordPress but your best bet is to buy a premium theme that fits your style. 

Below are examples of a news blog premium themes

start a news blog

start a news blog

start a news blog

You can get these themes from Mythemeshop or Themeforest

Just search for theme name, buy the theme and download the ZIP. Then from your dashboard, click on ‘Appearance – themes’ and click on upload new theme. Upload the new ZIP file, install and activate the theme.

See below video for more explanation.

It is important that you set up and configure the MENU settings. Also all the required pages e.g. contact, about, privacy policy, DMCA, terms of use pages e.t.c.

You can watch below video to learn how to do that.

Start first by opening a free Facebook and twitter account for your news blog. Spend at least $100 monthly on ads to get thousands of likes or followers on Facebook. Also do the same thing for twitter and Instagram.

Tips for making your news blog successful

Invest heavily In Social Media: If you take a look at the well established news blogs; you will find out that they have massive followers/likes on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

The trick is as you are publishing news, stories on your blog, simply share them on Facebook, and twitter and see the thousands of visitors you will be getting.

Publish news post 24 hours: To drive traffic to your blog as well as to keep your current readers coming back for more, it’s very important you understand that competitors ahead of you work 24 hours round the clock. This means, they are constantly publishing stories and breaking news e.t.c. almost every minute. So, you need to get serious.

Use Catchy Headlines: Having a catchy title is the key to grabbing people’s attention. It’s your secret to increased traffic and wider audience.

Share You Contents On Web 2.0 Sites: Sharing your contents on web 2.0 sites is useful for driving targeted website traffic and increasing your web page ranking in Google search results. Here is an article i wrote about it; 50 High DA & PR Web 2.0 Sites 2019.

Also check out: 

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